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Why You Need the ELOTS® Local Organic Search Audit

  • Comprehensive Review: Our audit provides the most thorough review of your local organic digital assets, focusing on all three GBPs (Sales, Service, Parts) and your website.
  • Modern SEO Techniques: We focus on what Google looks for in today’s new semantic SEO world, avoiding outdated tactics.
  • Uncover Hidden Issues: Identify whether your current agency or service is effectively marketing your most powerful digital asset—your GBPs.

What’s at Stake?

  • Lost Leads and Traffic: Underperforming local SEO means potential customers aren’t finding you. 
  • Overspending on PPC: Are you pouring money into PPC to cover gaps in your organic strategy?
  • Ineffective Marketing: Is your agency truly maximizing your GBP potential, or just babysitting them?
  • Underperforming VDPs: How your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) are displayed on Google is critical to increasing views and leads. Third party vendor views on Google are declining as Google “Cars For Sale” continues to expand. Underperforming VDPs may be killing your sales.


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