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Transform Your Google Business Profiles into High-Traffic Driving Assets

GBP Marketing ServiceThe ELOTS™ Difference

While most agencies offer basic GBP management, ELOTS™ specializes in aggressive marketing of your Google Business Profiles. We don’t just maintain; we optimize and market your GBPs – Sales, Service, and Parts – turning them into powerful tools for driving organic traffic.

Let’s be candid – many digital agencies fail to unlock the true potential of GBPs. They offer simplistic management at high costs. ELOTS™ is here to change the game.

Why GBP Marketing Matters: Beyond Just Management

The Power of Three: As a car dealership, you have a unique advantage with three distinct GBPs. Optimized correctly, these profiles are not just listings; they are your gateway to increased customer engagement, amplified phone calls, and a dominant online presence.

The ELOTS™ Edge: Our approach goes beyond mere management. We aggressively market your GBPs to ensure they are not just visible but dominant in Google’s ecosystem.

Understanding the Google Knowledge Graph: Your GBP’s are Not Just a Business Listings

The Google Knowledge Graph is not just a fancy term; it’s the backbone of how Google is transforming search. It’s a vast database that understands and connects information about entities — people, places, businesses, and more. Your Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are a direct feed into this Knowledge Graph. It’s not merely a business listing; it’s your dealership’s identity in Google’s eyes.

Think of your GBP as a living, breathing entity that dwells in the knowledge graph and interacts with Google’s generative AI. Regularly updating your GBP with fresh content, responding to reviews, and adding accurate details are a few of the obvious actions that enhance your ‘entity’s’ strength in the Knowledge Graph.

However, inexperienced GBP marketers are probably unaware there are numerous other elements and actions that can greatly enhance your GBPs authority and help lift it into more search result pages. This directly influences how you rank in searches, especially as Google moves towards providing more direct answers from its Knowledge Graph on its search results pages.

The ELOTS™ Strategy: Comprehensive GBP Optimization

  • Beyond the Basics: Our team delves into the nuances of GBP optimization. We don’t just update information; we strategically enhance your profiles to rank higher in searches, especially as Google evolves to provide direct answers from its Knowledge Graph.
  • The Results: More Google Organic Search traffic to your Dealership
  • Real Impact: Dealerships working with ELOTS™ see a significant increase in organic traffic, customer engagement, and phone inquiries. Your GBP can and should be your number one source of organic traffic.

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