ELOTS® Organic Search Platform:

The Cutting Edge Technology Alternative to Pay-Per-Click

Tired of burning money on PPC with diminishing returns?

ELOTS® employs:

  • Recent Google Search Patents: Our strategies are derived from the latest Google search patents, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • Advanced AI Integration: With the power of Artificial Intelligence, we optimize and refine strategies, helping our dealers dominate Google search like never before.

ELOTS® focuses on:

  •  Google Organic Search: Harness the power of organic rankings, driving traffic without the recurring costs of PPC.
  • Maximize Free Clicks: Benefit from the free clicks dealers receive from top organic ranks and GBP local pack exposure. Why pay when you can dominate for free?

Cutting-Edge Technology & AI:
The ELOTS® Advantage

Dominate Your Competition with Next-Gen Organic Search Intelligence

Gone are the days when simple local SEO could guarantee Visibility and Leads. Google’s constantly changing, complex algorithms now demand a smarter, more connected approach. ELOTS® is at the forefront, integrating cutting-edge marketing technologies to strategically align your brand within Google’s sophisticated framework.

By leveraging our advanced solutions, we ensure that all aspects of your brand are connected inside Google’s powerful Knowledge Graph, giving you a competitive edge. This isn’t just SEO; it’s a comprehensive digital ecosystem optimization. Your dealership doesn’t just appear in search results; it stands out as an authoritative traffic driving entity.

With ELOTS®, you’re not just updating your SEO tactics; you’re revolutionizing the way your brand communicates in the digital space. We make your brand not only visible but also indispensable in the eyes of your local market and Google’s advanced search landscapes. It’s time for your message to be heard — clearly, consistently, and compellingly — in every Google search.

What is the Google Knowledge Graph?

Does Google Trust Your Brand?

The Google Knowledge Graph is a massive graphical database of information about the real world that Google has been building since 2012 and now uses to answer search questions, power its search results, maps, and other Google properties. 

This is How Google uses its Knowledge Graph.

  • Each CIRCLE represents an Entity and each LINE shows a Relationship.
  • This is a simplified depiction of a knowledge graph. All the data is connected in some way.
  • ELOTS® is Continuously Building Your Business Brand by feeding and connecting your entities’ data to the Google Knowledge Graph.
The Knowledge Graph contains information about people, places, things, and events, and it’s constantly being updated with new data.

How many Leads are you losing every day because of out dated local SEO?

With all the advances in Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, and Google Search Patents, isn’t it time you discover how the ELOTS™ Organic Search Platform can help your business increase sales without Pay Per Click spend.

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